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Herbert H. Gross, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

Dr MacKay was instrumental in the adoption of eye protection in racquet sports. Both of her children were national squash champions, and they were the first nationally ranked players to use eye protection.

“Eye protection had been one of the main priorities of my “administration” while President of the USSRA, and it was accomplished. Timely and generous counsel from you was so significant to the story. It is hard to realize or accept that this was 30 years ago! I must believe that ocular impact injuries have declined even as the game has grown. So, thirty years later, I again thank you for your help during that challenging evolution”*.

Herbert H. Gross, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

*Personal letter from Herbert H. Gross, May 2010, President Emeritus of the United States Squash Racquets Association (USSRA)

Amy Momsen

I just wanted to write to say thank you for speaking up on the petition against Lasik.

I’m someone who has been truly harmed and appreciate the bravery of the doctors who stand up against it, which is what I think is the right thing to do. I’ve met so many people personally who have been harmed and I continually have to deal with expenses, discomfort and energy involved with the whole ordeal after Lasik. (more…)

Sharon Johnson, New York City, NY

Like many former preemies – babies born before the optimal 36 weeks – I was at high risk for serious eye problems as an adult. I feared that a tear or a detachment of my retina (the thin layer of tissue on the inside back wall of the eyeball that receives and organizes visual information) would force me to abandon my career as a journalist and be marooned on the sidelines of life. The hospital where I was born suggested I consult a retinal expert, so I became Dr. MacKay’s patient in 1980. Thanks to Dr. MacKay’s detailed evaluations and explanations, my worries disappeared. When the inevitable tear developed, Dr. MacKay repaired it with a state-of-the-art laser. Much to my amazement, my vision is excellent, enabling me to continue to work and enjoy my hobbies of reading fiction and enjoying art. Every day, I am grateful for Dr. MacKay’s outstanding care.


Arnold Kramer, Bronx, New York

I have thought of writing this letter to you many times over the years. You saved my eyesight with your diagnostic skills and your wonderful abilities as a laser surgeon. I will never forget the warmth and gratitude I feel towards your help. My eyesight has essentially been stable since that time and I am doing okay overall. Warm regards and best wishes,


Carey T., New York, NY

“One day I found a strange bump underneath my eyelid and wanted to get it checked out right away. I started calling around to ophthalmologists in the area but the first few I reached were either very rude or didn’t have any openings for at least a month. Dr. MacKay’s office, on the other hand, was able fit me in the very next day…” (more at YELP reviews)

Nancy L. Burleson MD FACOG, Gonzales, Texas

My son, Max Cronin, age 27 years old, committed suicide 1-14-16, as a direct result of complications he experienced from Lasik. He left suicide letters stating this and kept details of his complications. He experienced vision loss, constant eye pain, dry eyes, haze, and loss of quality of life resulting in depression and his suicide. He was unable to work or continue his life goals due to his eye complications.

As a medical physician, I can definitely state that Lasik complications can lead to suicide. I can also say that no one should have elective Lasik on their eyes.

For an elective procedure, the risks and long term complications are understated. The resultant complications and negative quality of life issues increase the risks of depression, attempted suicide, and suicide.