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Allow me to use the occasion of your new email address to more fully thank you for the wonderful help you were to me in saving me from a totally unnecesary cataract operation.

You were kind to initially speak to me by telephone. But your further step — of strongly encouraging me to have my supposed cataracts examined by you when I was next in New York — was the clincher.

Deep down I was surprised at the original cataract diagnosis. I thought I was happy with the way my aging eyes worked, and had other engaging things going on in my life (an English girlfriend at the UN in NY, having to close down a sizable company I owned) that were inconvenient to interrupt for a couple of delicate operations and recoveries.

But who would have thought a leading ophthamologist in Boca Raton would have been so sloppy (or worse) in his diagnosis, would have been on the verge of committing outrageous malpractice (on me!!!) but for your careful attention to someone who only knew you distantly, through your sister and Peter.

BTW it is interesting how suggestible an eye patient can be, even a patient who thinks he is “sophisticated”. As mentioned, I had thought my eyes were great. But then, when the Florida, umm, quack told me they were terrible, that I was a danger driving around and would be amazed at the difference after the operation, I began to imagine I was having all kinds of problems driving, in the bright sun, whatever. Of course since you told me my eyes are in good shape, it is amazing how my confidence in them has returned.

All my thanks, Sincerely, Dan